Why You Need Pet Insurance

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Why you need a good Pet Insurance Plan

There's nothing worse for a pet owner than knowing your pet's problem is treatable, but you can't afford the necessary treatment. It's no wonder that so many pet owners take out a Pet Insurance Plan to ensure they can always afford to give their pet the best chance. But you've got to choose the policy that offers the best level of protection for great value. helpucover's Dog Insurance, Cat Insurance and Rabbit Insurance polices are competitive and offer comprehensive care and protection.


Did you know?

  • Not all Pet Insurance Plans cover your pet against a lifelong illness or condition, but helpucover's Lifetime product provides cover for illness or injury for the rest of your pet's life. helpucover also offers Per Condition and Time Limted policies
  • The average lifespan of a dog is 13-14 years (iheartdogs.com), and cats 15-17 years (www.cathealth.com). So if your pet develops a long-term condition it could prove to be very expensive.

helpucover offers a range of affordable Pet Insurance Plans so you can afford to pay for the treatment your beloved pet needs if they become ill or injured. It also gives dog owners peace of mind to know that you're covered for legal costs or third party liability should your dog cause injury or an accident. Get a Pet Insurance quote from helpucover today.