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Pet Rabbit Insurance for complete care

How we protect your rabbit

Protect yourself and your rabbit with affordable Lifetime Rabbit Insurance from helpucover. Our Lifetime Rabbit Insurance policy means you're covered for vet bills for illness or injury, boarding fees for your pet if you are hospitalised, and help towards the cost of finding your lost or stolen rabbit.


Annual Veterinary fees

(Please note once your pet suffers from a medical condition it can become very difficult to get another insurer to offer cover for that condition)

Up to £2,000
per policy year

Hospitalisation / Boarding fees

Up to £250
per policy year

Finding your rabbit

Up to £250
per policy year

Premium Waiver

Up to 6 months premium

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An excess is applicable to all vet fee claims. This is fixed until each annual review but can change if your circumstances change. Also when your pet reaches a certain age it will change from a defined amount to a sum that will be the greater of the defined amount or a percentage contribution.


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