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More about our Pet Insurance - in detail

  • Cover for vet fees in the event of accidents, illness and injury
  • Vet Nurses on call 24 hours a day on our Petcall helpline to answer any concerns you may have over your pet's wellbeing
  • The cost of advertising to recover your pet if its lost or stolen
  • Emergency boarding fees if you fall ill and are unable to care for your pet
  • Up to £2,000,000 third party liability and legal cost cover for dog owners - essential if your dog bites the postman or causes a car accident
  • A cash sum if you need to cancel a holiday as a result of your pet being seriously ill
  • A cash sum should your pet die as a result of an accident,
  • Cover for vet fees abroad with the Pet Travel Scheme

helpucover offers a full range of lifetime, per condition and time limited policies.

  • Our pet insurance covers dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Our lifetime policies cover long-term illness


 LifetimePer ConditionTime Limited
 VitalLifetimeClassicLifetimePremierLifetimeStandardPer ConditionStandard PlusPer ConditionEssentialTime Limited
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Rabbit  check image

If you need help in deciding what cover is best for you, call us on 0800 038 0833. And if you've not already done so, get an instant quote now to find out how little it will cost to protect your pet.


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