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What you need to know about cover for your cat

  • You can start insurance for your cat from 8 weeks up to their 10th birthday.
  • Once insured, cover may be continued for the rest of your cat's life
    You must take proper and reasonable care of your pet, including regular annual check-ups and vaccinations with licensed products as recommended by your vet and maintaining your pets body weight, within a normal range (as recognised by your vet).
  • You can start your cat's cover immediately online or over the phone, but cover for illness does not commence until 14 days afterwards and cover for loss of your cat does not commence until 14 days afterwards.
  • You pay an excess for each condition. For Lifetime policies you pay this for each condition, per policy year.
  • Our policy provides access to a 24/7 helpline called Petcall.
  • Whenever you are worried about your cat, you can speak to a qualified Vet Nurse who will listen to your concerns and provide an immediate source of expert advice, any time of the day or night.
  • Petcall is a service that's included with your policy. Calling them immediately offers you peace of mind with the knowledge that your cat is directed to the most appropriate level of care. Calling for advice could help you avoid incurring the cost of the policy excess - so we can help your cat and your pocket!
  • We cannot provide cover for preventative treatment such as routine vaccinations, for cosmetic or voluntary treatment such as neutering for non medical reasons, or for pregnancy.
  • We cannot provide cover for treating any illness that is preventable by vaccination and you failed to vaccinate
  • Cover for some conditions may be restricted for cats with a history of illness or showing clinical signs before your policy start date.
  • Dental treatment is normally excluded except where specifically to relieve suffering provided the cat has been insured under this policy for at least two years.
  • We do not pay for the treatment of deciduous teeth if the insured cat was 16 weeks or over at the start date of your policy.
  • All policies are subject to special conditions and exclusions of the Insurers.

In addition to the information above, the Premier, Classic and Vital Policy Summary & Full Policy,Standard and Standard Plus Policy Summary & Full Policy, Essential Policy Summary & Full Policy are also available.