Your guide to choosing, owning & caring for your pet
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How much do you love and spoil your pet?

While we all seem to be going soppy for our cats and dogs, itís worth remembering that true love lasts beyond February 14. That's why helpucover have produced a free guide on choosing, owning and caring for a pet. Please download your free guide above.

Show you care by insuring your pet today

Your pet deserves the best so you'll want to ensure you can afford to pay the vets bills if they're sick or injured. Lifetime Pet Insurance from helpucover could help you do that and there's a 10% online discount. So why not get a quote now?


Lifetime Pet Insurance with added benefits:

  • Your vet fees are covered for accident, illness and injury
  • We reinstate the full amount of cover each year, so your pet remains covered for life
  • Unlike some other Pet Insurance Plans, with helpucover there is no time limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury
  • One month's free premium per policy per year, when insuring two or more pets.
  • Dog owners are covered for essential third party liability and legal costs
  • We cover losing a pet due to theft or straying
  • Claim for costs of advertising to recover your lost pet
  • Emergency boarding fees are covered if you are hospitalised and cannot care for your pet
  • Vet nurses are on call 24 hours a day to answer any concerns you have about your pet's wellbeing and to offer advice and information

You can't beat helpucover for high quality, great value Pet Insurance Plans with added bite. Get an affordable pet insurance quote today and protect yourself and your pet.