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Insuring 2 or more pets

You may be thinking of insuring two pets today or you may already have policies with helpucover and wish to cover a new pet. Our quotes are individual to each pet depending on the species, breed, age and location and each pet will have their own separate policy to reflect this. You, therefore, need to obtain separate quotes for each pet.

If you insure two or more pets with helpucover you will be entitled to a multi-pet discount. This means each policy will be entitled to a free premium at the start of each policy year so you will pay 11 x the monthly premium quoted over the course of each year instead of 12.

When you complete your application for the second pet, you will be asked if you have another policy please select "yes" and you will be prompted for that policy number to ensure both are then linked. If you've only just applied for that first policy the policy number can be found on the email confirmation you will have received. If you have had the first policy for a little while the policy number will appear on your Certificate of Insurance.