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Jack Russell Insurance

Jack Russell'Terrier' comes from the Latin word Terra, meaning earth. This gives you a clear indication of the character of this breed. Bred to be tough and brave enough to pursue fox and rats above and below ground, the Jack Russell is a strong minded and active dog. An intelligent small dog the Jack Russell needs an hour’s exercise daily to avoid boredom. Otherwise he may become aggravated, noisy and destructive. Requiring quite a lot of freedom and exercise this breed is better suited to country life than town life. They can be happy in quite a small house with a medium/small garden. Jack Russell’s may have a short or long coat, the latter requiring a good brushing every few days. They live to 12 or more years old.

Dog breeders come from many different backgrounds. A Victorian hunting parson, the reverend John “Jack” Russell is credited with creating a type of terrier called the Jack Russell. Many years of controversy have continued over this type of terrier. Many devotees of this strain of Fox Terrier made representations to the Kennel Club which eventually recognised the Jack Russell as a distinct breed.

This is a reasonably healthy breed as might be expected from its origins. There may be a predisposition to developing diabetes. Blindness in one or both eyes may occur due to the development of cataracts or luxation (dislocation) of the lens, conditions which can be inherited.


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