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Great Value Unemployment Insurance

Is your job as secure as you think it is? In today's employment market next to no-one anticipates spending their entire career with one employer, and very few people are completely safe from job-loss! Young, old or middle-aged, we're all vulnerable to circumstances that are outside our control.

So if you're a home owner, you need to guard your precious home with the kind of unemployment protection insurance that helpucover provides!

And our unemployment protection insurance not only covers your mortgage repayments for 12 months if redundancy or unemployment comes your way; it also provides mortgage cover to protect your repayments in the event of sickness or accident that could also prevent you from working.

105 properties are repossessed every day*. So it's never been more important to protect your mortgage repayments.

Every homeowner needs to ask the following question: "How will I make my mortgage repayments while I find another job?" helpucover unemployment protection insurance will help to relieve financial pressures while you carefully research the market for exactly the right job.

So don't wait for unforeseen circumstances to arrive at your door; get yourself a helpucover mortgage cover quote right now, and see how little you'll be paying, for so much protection!

* Credit Action Debt Statistics - July 2012

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