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Great Value Redundancy Insurance

Have you ever said "It'll never happen to me!"? Millions of people have confidently expressed the same about redundancy, only to be shocked and horrified when they're handed a P45 by the boss.

1,694 people a day reported they had become redundant between February and April 2012*. How would you pay your mortgage if you were made redundant?

Our circumstances are never fully under our control, but we can make sensible provision to reduce the financial consequences of losing a job.

helpucover redundancy insurance is a safeguard against the financial difficulties that can be experienced by homeowners who are unprepared for unemployment when it comes calling. It's a financial safety-net for homeowners who don't want the spectre of repossession to distract them from the time-consuming task of tracking down their new job.

Our redundancy insurance will cover your mortgage repayments for 12 months if you're made unemployed, and will also provide mortgage cover to protect your repayments in the event of sickness or accident that can also prevent you from working.

In today's housing market we can't afford to lose an asset that may have taken us years of thrift and hard work to acquire. So don't leave it to chance! Get yourself a helpucover redundancy insurance quote and see how affordable mortgage cover can be.

* Credit Action Debt Statistics - July 2012

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