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Yorkshire terrier owners happiest

Thursday October 23rd 2014

Dog owners with a Yorkshire terrier are the happiest in Britain.

That's according to new research into man's best friend, carried out by flea and tick treatment Frontline Spot On, which suggests our choice of pooch may be more important than we think.

Yorkshire terrier owners typically laugh 10 times a day - more than any other - and describe themselves as happy people, while pug owners tend to be the richest, taking home an average salary of £85,000.

Pugs also make for a long and happy relationship, the study of 2,000 dog owners reveals, with just over half of those with one married.

But bulldog owners are the most likely to be in a relationship that is on the rocks, with one in 12 who own one looking to break up with their partner in the not-so-distant future.

Labrador owners are the most likely to be single, while Great Dane lovers are the lowest paid, with a typical salary of £35,000.

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