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World's oldest cat dies aged 30

Monday May 16th 2016

The planet's oldest cat has died shortly after reaching his 30th birthday.

Scooter the Siamese cat reached the milestone in March, the BBC reports.

But the cat, from Texas, US, never lived to hear he had taken the record. Guinness verified that no living cat was older last month. Owner Gail Floyd says he had passed away by then.

Scooter is not the world's longest-living cat ever, however. That accolade goes to another Texan feline, who died aged 38.

Ms Floyd attributes Scooter's longevity to his love of travelling and keeping active. He had not visited five of the 50 US states by the time of his death.

He would wake up Ms Floyd early each morning and would wait loyally at the front door when his owner returned home each evening. The cat broke a leg in 2014, an injury which meant he needed medical treatment until his death.

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