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Workers warned of second job risks

Monday March 1st 2010

Employees have been urged to 'think carefully' about their health and family before taking on a second job.

Unsurprisingly, the number of people finding a second job to supplement their income has risen from 26% to 38% in the past 12 months, prompting warnings from employment specialists that those taking on extra work may find their health and relationships deteriorating as a result. In the worst case scenario a worker could run themselves down so much they were unable to do either job and end up wishing they had taken out income protection insurance.

Peter Done, managing director of employment law firm Peninsula, warned that people can easily become "overwhelmed" when they take on second jobs and that those considering supplementing their income should try to strike a balance between their work and home lives.

"Taking on a second job may well be a short-term answer to financial difficulties but it often has long-term consequences," he said.

"Working longer hours may not necessarily be good for your health and people can get easily overwhelmed when they take on a second job. So before considering taking on a second job look at all the risks and weigh up the benefits.

"It may well be that you will be in a worse-off situation especially after taking into account travel, taxes, any other expenses. Think about the lack of quality time at home and any implications on your health - there really is a lot to take into account."

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