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Workers to confront BAE Systems

Wednesday May 2nd 2012

BAE Systems is to come under increasing pressure, with hundreds of workers set to protest outside the company's annual meeting in retaliation to job cuts.

The defence giant announced it was to offload thousands of employees last year, with the factory at Brough in East Yorkshire ending production altogether.

Workers from this plant will lobby shareholders at the meeting in central London as they hope to persuade them to force the board "to act on its corporate and social responsibility".

Unite national officer Ian Waddell is calling on the company's hierarchy to help the workforce find alternative jobs, preferably keeping the high-skilled aerospace workers in the industry.

He said: "The Brough workforce is world-class. This has been a long, hard battle for our members and they are not giving up."

Local MPs Alan Johnson and David Davis from Labour and Conservative, respectively, will support the workers on their protest.

A company spokesman said: "The focus of the consultations the company has undertaken with the trade union and employee representatives has always been to consider ways of avoiding potential redundancies and to pursue mitigation opportunities; and this continues."

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