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Work absence rates 'in poor shape'

Wednesday April 11th 2012

Employee absence rates have risen sharply in recent weeks because of injuries caused by people trying to follow exercise regimes in the new year, a study has found.

The number of injuries has increased because people have been over-eager to get fit, as well as the fact that people who are new to exercise are attempting to get in shape, according to the new research.

And the issue is said to be causing major problems for employers who are having to deal with workers taking time off to recover from their ailments.

"Musculoskeletal injuries are currently the number one reason for long-term sickness absence in the workplace, and in the current climate that is bad news for both businesses and employees," said Mark Fletcher, clinical director at Physio Med.

In the survey of 2,000 chartered physiotherapists it was revealed there has been a rise of up to 50% in appointments over recent weeks - most of which were as a result of exercise and sport-related injuries - and it shows the usefulness of Sports Injury Insurance for those getting active on a regular basis.

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