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Woman tries to sneak dog into nightclub on NYE

Tuesday January 3rd 2017

One pet owner was so keen to welcome 2017 with her beloved dog that she tried to sneak him into a nightclub.

The party-goer was snapped trying to smuggle her four-legged pal into Spy Nightclub in Monaghan on New Year's Eve.

The picture, which shows the woman attempting to hide the dog under her coat, was taken by Diarmuid McCleary, a photographer with Vibes Media, who shared the snap on social media.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror , he said: "The girl tried to hide the dog in her jacket but was caught by security.

"She wanted to spend New Year's Eve with the dog, but her dreams were crushed!"

He added that the dog was never in any danger as the security at the club are "top notch" and that it spent the rest of the night being cuddled and petted outside the club by party-goers.

So far, the picture has been commented on over 8,700 times and shared over a thousand times.

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