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Woman spends £90,000 on 122 cats

Thursday July 2nd 2015

A woman has revealed how her obsession with felines has led her to take in more than 120 rescue cats - at a cost of around £90,000 a year.

Silvana Valentino Locke, 55, is surrounded by 122 furry friends living in and around her home in Kent. She allows 52 cats to live inside her house, while 40 live at the bottom of her garden and another 30 reside in a neighbouring field.

She confesses that cats are her addiction on new Channel 5 documentary 90 Cats & Counting: Cat Crazies, where she is shown caring for her melange of moggies.

Not surprisingly, looking after so many cats is a costly business. Silvana spends £4,500 a month on vet's bills, and all her cats are neutered and spayed. Feeding them all costs £500 a week.

Her understanding husband Tony helps to provide the funds she needs to run their home as well as the rescue centre she has set up at the bottom of her garden. The centre is also funded by donations, fundraising events and a charity shop she has established.

Silvana's two grown-up sons believe her addiction to cats is in her DNA, and she does not disagree, admitting she has OCD about cats and feels like "it's my job to look after them all".

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