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Woman awakes to poisonous scorpion

Friday June 28th 2013

A student of zoology's subject matter got a little too close to home recently when she awoke to find a poisonous scorpion a few inches from her face.

She believes the insect must have sneaked into her suitcase while she was in Borneo recently and travelled all the way home with her.

Vicky Raitt, 23, who lives in Aberdeen, said the forest scorpion had its tail raised, ready to sting her, as it sat just a few inches from her face.

Not panicked, she found a plastic container in which to trap it, then called animal charity the Scottish SPCA for help.

While not fatal, the sting from the insect causes sickness and severe inflammation.

Ms Raitt said: "I opened my eyes and the scorpion was literally a hand's length away from my face with its tail raised. I jumped out of bed and, after doing a double-take to make sure I hadn't imagined it, I ran to the kitchen to get a plastic tub to put it in."

The scorpion is now being cared for by the animal charity's staff at a rescue centre in Drumoak, Aberdeen.

It may be transported across to Inverness to a more suitable site for exotic animals.

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