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Woman and pet dog fitted with identical pacemakers

Thursday February 19th 2015

They say dogs and their owners share the same qualities, but one woman and her pooch now share the same type of pacemaker.

Just over three years ago, Catherine Pipon had a Medtronic pacemaker fitted after suffering from a medical condition called heart block. The complaint is caused by the heart missing a beat and Ms Pipon first began to notice it when she began passing out. When this became more frequent and severe, she went to her doctor for help.

In July last year her five-year-old Cairn Terrier Molly was diagnosed with the identical heart complaint, meaning she needed the same kind of cardiovascular device. Ms Pipon, 41, lives in Jersey, so flew Molly down to London on a private plane to have the £3,500 device fitted.

Both Ms Pipon and Molly now have a new lease of life and are able to be much more active. It's not just the condition and the pacemaker that Molly and her owner share. They also share the same consultant cardiologist at the Jersey General Hospital.

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