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Why Gus gets catty about TV ad star

Tuesday November 24th 2015

Gus the cat has been sulking since a lookalike started stealing his owners' attention in a nationwide TV Christmas ad. Mog is starring as an accident-prone animal in Sainsbury's festive campaign.

The CGI creature's mishaps cause the house to be turned upside down, the Christmas turkey to be burned and the fire brigade to be summoned. But doppelganger Gus doesn't quite get the joke.

Owners Laura and Tom Reed say their exotic shorthair sulks and turns to face away from the television whenever Mog appears on screen. And it does not help that the Reeds bought a Mog toy for their toddler Henry, who adores the ad.

The seven-month-old boy was given the present to help him learn how to treat cats nicely after his less than gentle treatment of the Gus.

But this has further triggered Gus's jealousy. He views the toy as a competitor for the family's affections, Laura says.

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