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Who will be Top Dog for charity?

Monday March 3rd 2014

Celebrities are putting their beloved pooches through their paces in a bid to find the Top Dog and raise money for Sport Relief.

The BBC game show, which starts tonight, will see stars and their dogs compete against members of the public and their four-legged friends. The dogs will dive in water, tackle assault courses and jump hurdles, with plenty of doggy snacks to spur them on.

In the first programme, celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott and TV presenter Jules Hudson captain the two teams, with Labrador Retriever Bobby and black Labrador Iolo respectively.

Athlete Sally Gunnell and her chocolate Labrador Diggy, journalist Peaches Geldof with Golden Retriever Parper and swimmer Sharron Davies with her English Bulldog Pig feature in future shows.

The 'Bark Off' course at the end of each programme includes obstacles named Barking tube, Sherwood Forest and the famous ferry ride.

Sharron said she was surprised how well her dog did considering English bulldogs are not particularly agile.

Top Dog starts on Monday at 6.30pm on BBC Two and is on every weeknight until the final on Friday, March 21.

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