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Where is your pet most at home?

Wednesday March 26th 2014

A house builder is to hold a contest to find pets that are most 'at home' in their surroundings.

Taylor Wimpey's Pets Make a Home competition invites owners to send pictures of their pets in their favourite places in homes, such as cats on comfy cushions or dogs lying on beds.

April is National Pet Month and the competition runs from Tuesday, April 1 to Monday, May 5. There are daily prizes of personalised bowls and pet sketches while the overall winner will be rewarded with £1,000 in cash.

Pets make a house a home and many people consider their animals to be a part of their family, according to Taylor Wimpey sales and marketing director Mariana Knight. Those who do should make sure their animals are covered by Pet Insurance.

Mariana is looking forward to seeing the entries uploaded via a special app on at or

Those wanting to enter the competition can also enter on Twitter and Instagram by tweeting or posting their pet picture with the hashtag #TWPetsMakeAHome or by sending them in an email to

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