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Well rescue dog back for Christmas

Wednesday December 23rd 2015

A blind dog that survived for months on end down a well can now look forward to a hearty Christmas meal.

The black dog from Bosnia was rescued from the 26-foot hole after becoming trapped. Only scraps of food thrown to him from local children stopped him from wasting away.

The dog, who has been appropriately named Christmas, emerged from the well in a good condition, it has been reported.

Fahrudin Caki Bravo, an animal rescuer, and Ratko Koblar, his friend, plotted the rescue operation after hearing of Christmas's dilemma.

Climbing apparatus enabled Bravo to clamber down the waterhole and fasten a jacket around Christmas. The pair were then winched up to safety.

Experts cannot put a precise time on just how long Christmas was in the well. It is also not known if he was thrown down there or simply fell accidentally.

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