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Wednesday weigh-in for plump pets

Wednesday May 8th 2013

Pet lovers who overfeed their animals could be shortening their lives by as much as two years, a new study shows.

Research by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) reveals that just short of a half of all pets seen by vets in Britain are overweight and a fifth of owners either don't recognise the problem or think the animals are of a normal size.

Britain is a nation of pet-lovers, as evidenced by the millions of pounds spent in Pet Insurance every year, but often that love can result in over-feeding.

Pet obesity is near crisis point, according to TV vet Zara Boland, who urged owners to take note of increasing sizes during the PFMA's 'Weigh in Wednesday' campaign that begins this week to encourage them to help their pet reduce weight and size to their ideal condition.

Owners can plot the pound-shedding progress of their animals with online tools and tweet how they are doing using the hashtag #weighinweds.

It is thought that pets of normal weight can live as much as two years longer than those that are overweight or underweight and Weigh in Wednesday is the first time vets, pet retailers, pet food manufacturers and other stakeholders have combined to take action on the growing pet obesity problem.

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