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Watercress 'a natural de-stresser'

Monday April 30th 2012

Watercress can help bodies to recuperate after the natural stress of a workout in the gym or through sports activities, scientists have revealed.

According to researchers, the demand made on people's bodies through strenuous exercise can potentially cause harm to DNA. Incorporating watercress into people's diets can help them to counteract some of that damage after a gruelling fitness workout.

Research conducted by a group of scientists at Edinburgh Napier University, who joined forces with a team led by Dr Gareth Davison at the University of Ulster, confirmed the theory.

A group of 10 healthy males, whose average age was 23, took part in the study. They were fed 85g of watercress for eight weeks. During that time they were asked to undergo exercise on a treadmill. The researchers also looked at a group who were not given watercress to compare findings.

"It's an interesting step forward in sports nutrition development and research," said Dr Mark Fogarty, leader of the experiment, from Edinburgh Napier's School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences.

The results of the experiment can be found in the British Journal of Nutrition.

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