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Watch out! 'Cat burglars' named

Friday January 10th 2014

Two cat owners have spoken out about their felines' thieving habit in a bid to return the items to their rightful owners.

Margaret and Eddie Boddy revealed cat burglars Eric and Ernie have so far returned home with shoes, slippers and t-shirts belonging to their Essex neighbours.

Margaret, 67, of Braintree, said: "Eric and Ernie bring something in every day.

"It started off that they were stealing from the neighbours but now I think they are going further afield as the items they're taking are not from the nearby homes. They have always been real characters - they are well-known around here and luckily our neighbours are lovely and see the funny side."

The Boddy family adopted the cats four years ago after they were abandoned at the side of the road.

"They were once caught swiping a Cub Scout uniform but were caught before they could make their getaway - the boy's dad saw it as it was about to disappear over the fence," Margaret added.

The "naughty kittens" upped their thieving sprees over the Christmas period, their owners revealed, with Ernie being blamed as the worst culprit of the two.

The retired practice manager joked that her feline friends may be able to boost her coffers, saying: "I keep showing the cats £5 and £10 notes and telling them 'bring some of these back for me' but so far it has yet to work."

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