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Warning over older people's jobs

Thursday November 24th 2011

The Government's drive to get more young people into work should not be at the cost of jobs for older people, former City minister Lord Myners has warned.

The Labour peer raised the fear as Baroness Wilcox set out Business Secretary Vince Cable's planned changes to employment law.

Lady Wilcox, a junior business minister, told peers the Government intended "to increase the qualification period for unfair dismissal from one to two years, to help give firms the confidence to take people on again".

Lord Myners asked her: "You have spoken about the need to create more employment for young people. How are you going to ensure that new employment opportunities for young people are not achieved at the risk of displacing the employment of older people?"

Lady Wilcox, 71, said it was a "very interesting question" and added: "I'm slightly older and I'm still employed and I'd like to continue to be so if that's possible."

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