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Warning over feeding pets chocolate

Wednesday April 20th 2011

A veterinary charity has warned that people feeding their pets human chocolate over Easter could be putting the animals' lives at risk.

PDSA said that despite chocolate being highly poisonous to many pets, more than half a million owners feed their dogs it as a treat.

The charity said that human chocolate posed the greatest risks for dogs, but added that even more owners could be feeding it to their pets over the coming Easter celebrations.

The chemical theobromine is what makes chocolate dangerous for many pets, and high-quality chocolates contain this in large quantities.

For instance, there is enough of the chemical to kill a small dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier in a 30-45g bar of dark chocolate.

If your dog has been given chocolate you should look out for vomiting, diarrhoea and a delicate stomach.

The poisoning, which can last up to three days, can also see animals suffer tremors, fast breathing and fits.

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon Sean Wensley said: "Easter and chocolate go hand in hand, but people should never feed it to their pets. "

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