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Warning over 'battery farmed' dogs

Friday January 8th 2010

A charity has condemned the 'battery farming' of dogs and claims many owners are unaware of their dog's background. 

Dogs Trust said as many as 900,000 people may have bought a 'farmed' puppy without realising it.

A recent survey of 900 dog owners revealed that 95% said they would not buy a dog from a puppy farm.

However, the charity said just over 15% admitted they had bought their dog from a newspaper advert, the internet, a pet shop or a pet superstore - all of which are often supplied by such outlets.

The welfare charity has now called for legislation on breeding licenses to be looked over .

Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, said: "Battery farming of dogs is an appalling practice, abhorrent to all decent members of society.

"While most people would never consider buying a dog from such a place, it seems that a large number are inadvertently doing so."

It warned that potential owners could be hit with large vets bills as poor breeding can result in health and behavioural problems.

The RSPCA has backed the Dogs Trust's concerns and said it is just a profit-driven business.

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