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Warning as two dogs rescued from hot cars

Tuesday August 9th 2016

Pet owners have been warned not to leave their dogs in hot cars after police officers had to rescue two in Newquay.

As tempartures rose last week two pups had been left in vehicles and cops had to smash windows to get them out.

"The temperature can rise very quickly inside a car during the summer months, dogs do not have the ability to cool themselves down and therefore can suffer from heatstroke which can be fatal."

He added: "Police have the right to break the window of a car to free the animal if they believe that a dog is in distress.

He told the public to call the police if they see a dog in distress.

Last month the RSPCA received more than 100 calls in just one weekend in July from members of the public concerned about dogs trapped in warm places - including cars, caravans, conservatories and sheds.

In an open letter to dog owners, RSPCA Inspector Justin Stubbs said the animals "died a long, slow, agonising death" and that pet owners need to take the matter seriously.

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