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Warning after dog chews disinfectant bottle

Tuesday May 10th 2016

Pet owners have been urged to keep dangerous chemicals out of the reach of animals after a dog chewed a bottle of disinfectant. Vets managed to save Ruby the Jack Russell after tiny quantities of a household detergent came into contact with her face.

Luckily, Ruby's Poole-based owner Gary James saw the incident and washed her face in water straight away. The 11-year-old pooch seemed OK until the next morning, when she had to be taken to Bournemouth's PDSA Pet Hospital for urgent attention.

Ruby was experiencing breathing difficulties, a swollen tongue, bad dehydration and foaming at the mouth. Vets put her on pain relief medication and a drip, with the total cost of the treatment coming in at more than £500.

Half a day later evidence of chemical burns appeared and Ruby started producing a discharge from her mouth and nose and began to suffer from ulcerated eyes. Her mouth and nose became inflamed and she grew weaker as each day went by.

Vets considered putting her to sleep. Emily Sharp, a PDSA vet, called the dog's five-day ordeal horrific. She is urging pet owners to make sure that dangerous chemicals are well out of the reach of their animals.

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