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Wardens look for owner of dog abandoned at station

Tuesday February 17th 2015

Dog wardens are on the lookout for the owner of a pooch who was left tied to railings outside a train station.

Pictures of the black Staffie-type dog were shared thousands of times online after it was found crying outside Eastbourne Railway Station in East Sussex.

The dog was seen being tied to railings by a man, who left it with a takeaway tray filled with water before getting into a taxi and fleeing the scene.

A member of the public heard the dog crying and informed staff at the railway station, who in turn contacted local dog wardens. The dog is now in council-run kennels and staff are keen to contact its original owner. Should he not come forward, the animal will be rehomed.

The story of the dog is similar to that of Kai the Shar-Pei crossbreed, who is now in a loving home but was abandoned at a train station in Scotland with a pillow, a bowl and a toy packed into a suitcase.

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