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Walliams resurrects safety campaign

Tuesday April 1st 2014

Charley the cat is making a comeback, with the help of comedian David Walliams.

In the 1970s the animated character was used in public information films aimed at cutting the number of household accidents, but now he will hit the screens again in a series of short cartoons.

Walliams will provide the voice for Charley, who will be used in a bid to cut down on electrical mishaps. The late Kenny Everett voiced the original Charley.

The comic actor is working with Electrical Safety First to reduce accident levels in the home, and the new films will point out the dangers of issues such as overloading sockets.

It is thought some 350,000 people now suffer from electric shocks. High voltage appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can cause sockets to overheat, which can in turn cause fires.

In the first film, Charley will step in to save his owner from a shock, ending up with a burnt paw for his trouble.

The videos will be available to view at

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