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Waffle puts ball skills to good use

Tuesday July 8th 2014

The owner of a Lakeland terrier has found a novel way of using his skills to raise money for charity.

Waffle is a ball-finder extraordinaire who regularly pulls old footballs, tennis balls and beach balls from bushes and verges every time his owner Sarah Bennett takes him for a walk. As a result Sarah now has a huge pile of balls in the garden of her home in Exeter, Devon.

In order to put Waffle's skill to good use, Sarah has decided to raise cash for an animal welfare charity by asking strangers to donate a pound every time he finds a ball.

The fund-raising scheme has so far proven a success, with £2,000 to the SOS Terrier Rescue charity.

Sarah said the idea started as a little bit of fun between friends but has now grown. Waffle has his own dedicated web page to keep track of his success. Sarah said it was great way to help other terriers who aren't as fortunate as her talented and well-loved pet.

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