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Vets back microchipping drive

Tuesday June 24th 2014

Vets across the UK are supporting a fresh bid to make pet microchipping as commonplace as possible.

National Microchipping Month is aimed at highlighting the safety benefits of having pets chipped and ensuring that owners' contact details are kept up to date.

To help drive home its 'Chip It, Check It' campaign the Kennel Club has been running events at the Houses of Parliament, the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly of Wales.

The microchipping of dogs is compulsory in England, Wales and Northern Ireland while the law is currently being reviewed in Scotland.

Robin Hargreaves, president of the British Veterinary Association, says microchipping provides an effective and safe way to reunite lost pets with their owners.

But Mr Hargreaves warns that the microchips only work if the contact details stored on the scheme's database are kept bang up to date.

He hopes veterinary practices throughout the UK will use the awareness campaign to let pet owners know the benefits of microchipping.

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