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Vet warns throwing sticks is bad for your dog

Wednesday January 20th 2016

Throwing sticks is a dangerous game for owners to play with their dogs, a leading vet official has warned.

The advice comes after Maya the collie suffered a displaced larynx and punctured tongue when a 10cm stick became lodged in her gullet. British Veterinary Federation president Grace Webster told the Times newspaper that throwing Frisbees, rubber sticks or balls is a safer option.

She says "horrific injuries" can result from dogs fetching sticks. This most frequently happens when pooches end up forcing a stick below their tongue or down their throat while retrieving a stick at high speed, Ms Webster says.

Tongue and mouth cuts and wood splinters can ensue, sometimes requiring surgery, she claims. The Glasgow-based vet who treated Maya says they have noticed an increase in dog injuries related to retrieving sticks.

Ms Webster's call follows an earlier appeal from Robin Hargreaves, the former British Veterinary Association president, for owners to refrain from throwing sticks for their dogs.

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