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Vet warns of anti-freeze pet danger

Friday November 23rd 2012

A Wirral vet is advising motorists to take care that leftover anti-freeze is not consumed by animals this winter.

Gayle Elliot-Jones, from Churchview Veterinary Centre, Heswall, said his practice had recently treated two cats which were seriously ill after consuming anti-freeze.

The product is said to have a 'sugary' taste that is appealing to pets.

Ms Elliot-Jones said the sweet taste comes from the toxin ethylene glycol, which is often fatal when consumed.

She added: "The animal will often consume the liquid in quantity before the aftertaste becomes apparent and causes it to stop.

"By then, it is too late and it does not take a significant amount of ethylene glycol to cause fatal damage to the system with the poison affecting the brain, liver, and kidneys, usually resulting in kidney failure.

"Once anti-freeze has been ingested, prognosis is very poor for the animal."

Emphasising the importance of Pet Insurance to cover vet bills, RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said animal owners should be vigilant for any sudden signs that their animal may be unwell and consult a vet without delay.

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