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Vet to live as a rabbit to raise awareness

Wednesday March 18th 2015

A vet is planning to raise awareness about the poor conditions many pet rabbits have to live in by spending 48 hours in a human-sized hutch.

Emma Purnell, who works as a head nurse at The Stocks Veterinary Centre in Upton-upon-Severn, will eat only carrots and muesli during the stunt, which is aimed at highlighting the fact that too many rabbits live in cramped conditions.

The 30-year-old will enter the hutch, which has been created in a large room at the practice where she works, on Friday evening and stay there until Sunday.

The enclosure is 5ft long, 2ft wide and 4ft high and will provide just enough space to lie down, but not enough space to fully stand up.

According to Mrs Purnell, this was similar to the conditions faced by rabbits in many common hutch designs that were too small. She said in small hutches rabbits can lie out lengthways but can't stand on their back legs without reaching the ceiling.

The vet will also be dressed as a rabbit and will have company in the shape of a guinea pig called Norman.

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