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Vegas chows down on his new life

Wednesday March 29th 2017

Animal lovers have nursed an emaciated stray dog back to a healthy weight and a new-found status as a 'spoilt pup'.

Vegas, a three-year-old Doberman, was only half his ideal weight when he arrived at the Dogs Trust centre in Evesham.

He was so underweight that he could only be given small amounts of food - his stomach had shrunk and wouldn't have managed to digest regular meals.

But now after catching the eye of dog lover Yasmin Tredell, the pooch is back to a healthy weight of 40kg and enjoying a regular life.

He's unlikely to be putting on too much weight though, as his new owner has him out and about on long walks along the river and in the woods.

Yasmin said: "Vegas is one spoilt pup and so different to the dog I first met a few months ago. He has made such amazing progress, growing so much in confidence despite what he must've been through. He still has still has regular vet check-ups to keep track of his weight gain."

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