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University plans may see 95 jobs go

Monday March 7th 2011

A Scottish university has given the green light to restructuring proposals which could see up to 95 jobs lost.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) will begin a 90-day consultation on the plans, which would see the current six schools merge into three.

Bosses claim the move, aimed at securing the institution's "long-term sustainability", could lead to a reduction of almost a hundred administrative and support posts.

The university currently employs 1,613 people, many of whom may now be anxiously examining Income Protection cover.

Unions reacted with fury to the news, describing potential job losses as "inexplicable and inexcusable".

A university statement said: "The university's governing body has approved plans to begin a 90-day consultation on proposals to re-profile and restructure its administrative and support services.

"While the university would seek to make changes by voluntary means wherever possible and in consultation with staff and their representatives, the proposals currently being consulted upon could see a reduction of up to 95 administrative and support posts."

The changes at GCU would see three larger schools emerge - Health and Life Sciences, Engineering, Computing and the Environment, and Business, Law and Social Sciences.

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