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Unions to meet council over strikes

Wednesday September 21st 2011

Fresh talks aimed at averting a wave of strikes by public sector workers in a bitter row over pensions will be held today.

Union leaders representing local government employees will meet council officials for the first time since the TUC announced a day of action on November 30 in protest at planned increases in the pension contributions of millions of workers.

Several unions are now preparing to hold ballots for strikes, with the aim of co-ordinating industrial action.

Another meeting will be held on Thursday between Government ministers and unions representing public sector staff.

Mr Strutton said more than one in four local government workers were priced out of their pension scheme, adding: "There is still time for a negotiated solution but we cannot delay the ballot process any longer."

The GMB said the local government and NHS pension schemes already take in £6 billion a year more from contributions and investment income than is paid out in pensions.

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