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Union warns of 27,000 NHS job cuts

Friday November 12th 2010

A nursing union has said that the Government's promise not to make cuts in the NHS is an "urban myth" as thousands of jobs look likely to go.

According to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), around 27,000 posts face the axe.

And the union warned the public should be extremely concerned, as patients needing operations will face longer waiting lists.

The Government responded to the claim saying it did not recognised the figure.

Dr Peter Carter, chief executive of the RCN said many trusts were withholding evidence of redundancies and staff cuts, meaning the job losses were occurring by "stealth".

And he refused to rule out the chance of another scandal such as that seen at Stafford Hospital, which was blamed on low staff numbers.

Some 26,841 posts have either gone in the UK health service or are earmarked for closure, according to figures collated by the RCN, which are taken from board meeting papers of about 100 NHS trusts and and Freedom of Information requests.

The posts will be lost either through redundancy, recruitment freezes, jobs being downgraded and people not being replaced when they leave or retire.

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