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Ugly Mugly misses top dog prize

Friday July 27th 2012

Mugly, the ugliest dog in the world, has come runner-up in Drontal's national Give Your Dog a Bone Awards.

The male Chinese Crested dog, who is hairless except for one eyebrow, was crowned the ugliest dog in the world last month.

Despite this he claimed the runner-up prize in the Drontal awards, which marked the launch of its new bone-shaped worming tablets.

Thanks to voters Mugly beat Britain's most pampered pooch and fellow Chinese Crested, Prince, onto the leader board.

Mugly's owner Bev Nichols entered her unusual-looking pet because of the bond they share and the good he does.

On her competition entry form, Mugly's owner said: "Mugly was a rescue pup, totally hairless, well, all but an eyebrow! He is now proud to be a Pets As Therapy Dog who represents the charity at Crufts & Discover Dogs but most importantly he is part of the Read to Dogs Scheme.

"Reluctant readers respond so well to reading him a story, Mugly doesn't judge them, just listens and helps keep them calm and comfortable. He makes an amazing difference to them."

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