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UK's oldest rescue cat looking for a home

Wednesday July 15th 2015

The UK's oldest rescue cat is having difficulty finding a home because of her appearance.

Pops is nearly blind in both eyes, struggles to walk and has matted ginger fur - all of which seem to be putting off potential new owners.

Two months ago, the 19-year-old cat was found dazed and stumbling by the side of the road. A concerned member of the public took her to a vet straight away, but was told the cat was simply suffering from old age.

Pops was then taken in by the Cats Protection League and is currently being cared for at the charity's Midsomer Norton and Radstock branch near Bath.

It is believed she might have belonged to an elderly person who died whose relatives might have forgotten about her.

Pensioner Pops, who is 93 in human years, is thought to be the UK's oldest rescue cat looking for a home. Staff at the centre say she is always being overlooked because of her appearance and lack of mobility, but will there be a happy ending?

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