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UK's 'oldest dog' passes away

Friday June 10th 2016

A dog thought to be the oldest in the UK has died, according to reports.

Yentl, who was 24 years of age, would have been 168 in human years, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

It was thought the Jack Russell-Collie cross was the country's oldest living canine, with owners Charlie and Marlene Martin originally adopting him as a puppy.

The couple - who live in Cornwall - agreed to take the dog in after his previous farmer owner suggested he might have to put him down if he couldn't find a new keeper.

The newspaper reported that the pet appeared in a number of dog shows over the course of his life.

According to the publication, the dog was named after a 1980s Barbara Streisand film and cost his owners just £15.

Mr Martin said he and his partner bought Yentl in 1991, around the same time when they got married.

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