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UK's 'most ignored' dog needs a home

Tuesday March 24th 2015

A Staffordshire bull terrier's lonely plight has made him a candidate for the unwanted title of Britain's most overlooked dog.

Seven-year-old Kenny has been snubbed almost 2,500 times by visitors to Blue Cross animal re-homing centre's branch in Burford, Oxon. The animal welfare charity's staff said that anyone choosing to take Kenny will find him a loving pooch who just wants to snuggle up to people.

In his 413-day tenure, Kenny has seen 2,430 of his kennel mates find new owners, with the majority of Blue Cross dogs finding new homes within 30 days.

Jenna Martyn, the centre manager, advised would-be owners not to be deterred by his breed's poor reputation.

She said that while not everyone may see Kenny as cute, he is a super animal and could be a fantastic pet because he loves cuddles and the company of people, Ms Martyn added.

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