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UK unemployment hits 2.47 million

Wednesday June 16th 2010

The number of people unemployed in the UK hit nearly 2.5 million between February and April, figures have shown.

The UK's jobs crisis was spelt out in no uncertain terms to the Government following the publication of the figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which revealed that unemployment rose by 23,000 to 2.47 million.

The value of insurance policies such as income protection cover in the event of redundancy has been highlighted by the latest figures, which revealed that the number of people out of work for more than a year increased by 85,000 to 772,000 in the three months to April.

Unemployment rose across the board, with the number of people in the long-term sick category rising by 58,000 to 2.07 million in the latest quarter, while youth unemployment rose by 11,000 to 926,000.

Perhaps the most worrying figure for the Government was a 29,000 rise in the number of people classed as economically inactive to 8.19 million. This includes students, carers, workers on long-term sick leave and those who have given up searching for work.

However, the number of people signing on fell for the fourth consecutive month in May to just under 1.5 million.

Other data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the number of full-time workers fell by 56,000 while part-timers rose by 61,000.

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