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UK unemployment at 16-year high

Thursday February 16th 2012

The rate of unemployment in the UK has reached a 16-year high, research shows.

New data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that in December there were 2.67 million people out of work, a rise of 48,000 since the summer of 2011.

With 8.4% of the population seeking work, the number of people claiming benefits also increased to 1.6 million in January, which represented the 11th consecutive monthly rise.

John Salt, of recruitment firm, said: "Britons are facing their worst employment prospects since the recession began.

"The UK's negative Q4 GDP data released last month confirmed the lacklustre growth in the UK economy and this, alongside a backdrop of diminishing demand, has led to nervous employers adapting their 'wait and see' approach to the labour market to start cutting their workforces instead."

Youth unemployment has increased to 1.04 million and a record amount of people, 1.35 million, are now having to work part-time as they cannot get full-time work.

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