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UK switched on to high-speed 4G

Thursday July 4th 2013

Mobile customers in a dozen cities across Britain are set to benefit as high-speed 4G gets switched on.

Network provider EE says the July 4 launch will double average speeds to between 24 and 30 Megabits per second (MBps). It will give the UK a 4G network that outpaces those in Europe, the US and Japan and is equivalent to the best in South Korea.

The high-speed 4G switch-on was set to go ahead in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Derby.

The speedier network will benefit customers watching HD videos, sending large files, sharing high resolution photographs and multi-tasking.

EE - formed from a merger between Orange and T-Mobile and the first firm to offer 4G in Britain - said the network will now, in theory, be able to reach a maximum speed of 150MBps.

All existing 4GEE customers will be able to use the double speed service while they stay on their current plan.

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