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UK among worst for jobless youth

Wednesday June 26th 2013

The UK is around the bottom of the pile when it comes to providing work for its young people, according to a major global study.

The average young person spends around two-and-a-half years out of work in the UK, much longer than most other Western nations.

A lot of young people will now be struggling even harder to find a job because they have "given up, more or less", OECD education and skills chief Andreas Schleicher said.

The main objective for the UK Government is to help its young people develop their abilities and qualifications in order to find work, the organisation said.

The average 15 to 29-year-old in the UK spends 2.3 years of their life unemployed, but other countries which have much smaller economies and are officially less wealthy than the UK fair much better than this.

The average time spend without work by a young person in the Netherlands is 1.1 years, Iceland is 1.2 years, Norway is 1.3 and Australia and Germany are both 1.7.

Some of these young people are likely to be trying to find work but for others, being "out of the labour force could mean you've given up, more or less", according to Mr Schleicher.

The OECD figures, contained in its Education At A Glance report, shows that those who have been made to pay for the world economic crisis are some of those who have the least, such as people with low education levels.

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