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Two thirds 'would take pay cut'

Thursday September 2nd 2010

A new survey has shown that public sector workers are more likely to accept a pay cut in the wake of the general election.

According to a poll of 1,600 people looking for jobs in public sector organisations, two-thirds said they would accept a pay reduction now.

Before the election took place, just one in five people said they would do the same.

And in a sign that perhaps income protection insurance is a something to consider for fears over job cuts, many of those in the public sector revealed that they would also move to another region to keep their job.

Recruitment website said its research also revealed the beginnings of a "migration" from areas where public sector employment has been high, such as the West Midlands and North West, to regions with better job opportunities including the South East and London.

One in four public sector jobseekers said job security was the most important issue for them, ahead of pay and conditions.

John Salt, director of, said: "Public sector jobseekers have a high level of transferable skills. However in today's market, this isn't enough.

"Jobseekers need to be flexible to secure that next position and it seems that they finally understand this. Those willing to move with the times will find they will reap the benefits in the long-term."

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